Hayley is a visual artist living in Brisbane, Australia.

Her love for the outdoors gives constant inspiration for her artwork. She enjoys taking the simple things in nature and turning them into quirky, colourful and unique pieces. As a self-taught artist, Hayley finds the process of exploring new techniques and mixing up colour palettes exciting!

Prior to starting her art business, Hayley completed a business degree and worked in different non profit organisations. After 10 years in the industry, Hayley resigned her position to start a family. In 2017, when her third child was only a few months old, Hayley picked up the paintbrush and rekindled her love for painting and developing vibrant colour palettes. This is where her passion lies, so she has no plans on putting the paintbrush down soon.

Hayley’s artwork has been involved in various shows and pop ups in Brisbane and Melbourne. Most excitingly, her first exhibition was recently held in Melbourne. You’ll also find Hayley’s artwork in galleries and gift stores across Australia. Check out her Instagram feed or our 'Stockists' link.

Hayley’s goal is that her vibrant artworks will bring fun and delight within their new homes.

[email protected]